Mojave Desert Skin Shield - Organic Nourishing Oil

This versatile, complex formula combines high-quality organic, cold pressed ingredients to create an oil that is of the finest in desert skin care. Our dermatologist-tested Nourishing Oil is deeply moisturizing, soothing, and strengthening; a true skin shield against age related internal and external stressors, harsh elements, and free radicals. Featuring camellia oil for skin, avocado, parsley seed, sea buckthorn, black seed, carrot seed, Manuka bush, rosemary, rose and apricot kernel oil, this safe for skin blend includes a variety of vital nutrients, polyphenols and fatty acids to make it one of the best oils for skin of all types and all ages.Nourishing Oil can be used to support protection and nourishment of the skin by both day and night.

Recommended also as the all-in-one 10-day skin detox protocol. 

For hydration and protection, apply two to three layers to clean dry skin, patting the oil into the skin by moving fingers upwards. At bedtime, apply a final thin layer and allow oil to absorb on its own.

1 fl oz | 29 ml

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