Wine & Rock Shop + Joshua Tree Picnic

Picnic Season is every season in California's High Desert, so if you're out for a visit, making time to dine al-fresco should be at the top of your list.

A list that should be robust! That's where Joshua Tree Picnic swoops in to take care of the planning, prep, assembly AND clean-up, all so you can make the most of your relaxing time away.

Whether it's a classic picnic or a movie night with friends, we have all the bevvies that'll kick up your setup a notch or two (and at a special discounted rate.)

You're welcome to browse our full collection of wine, beer and cider here, or read on for a few suggestions from our staff!

Courtney's Picnic Picks 

If I'm picnic-ing, I'm probably enjoying the scene mid-day, and want to be able to keep things going well into the evening. Starting out with a piquette -- something light, bubbly and low-ABV -- is a great way to get into the groove. These Purity Picnic Piquettes are a great single-serve sized bottle and are truly made for the occasion! 

Or browse all piquettes here!

I'm also a big proponent for a twist-off bottle to make things easy, so feel free to browse our twist-off selection here!

Kirsten's Picnic Pick

If I'm chillin at a picnic, I'm probably chillin with a crew. A Bagnum is the only way to go. These Greek Georgas Bagnums are perfect for the occasion, and will also last in the fridge for a couple months after opening. Can't say that about most natty wines!

Bailey's Picnic Pick

A chilled red, all the way! It's a great transition from pre-food sippin to meal time pairing. You can read all about 'em and take a look at some chilly red recs here!

Carlyle's Picnic Pick
Going with the Picnic Pack - a large - to accommodate all of my earthling homies!