The Butts of Bichi

Bichi wines are a special breed. Situated in Mexico’s Baja California Norte, these grapes are both known old-world varietals and still-to-be-identified otherworldly varietals. We've had some fun bottles in the shop over the past year, but Bichi has repeatedly made us smile, as well as our wine club members when they got to enjoy a bottle of the Gorda Yori in September '21. 

HISTORY! Most of the varietals you'll find in this part of the country were planted by Spanish conquistadors (colonialists) in the 1500's, then became so successful they threatened old world Spanish wines that the Crown ordered a halt on production. Some refused to stop, continuing to plant, cultivate and produce. This was a happy thing for Americans who relied on these wines during prohibition as they were being made so close to the US border. 

Here in present-day Baja, the Téllez family founded Bichi and Noel began to seek out and cultivate these heirloom grapes, forge relationships with farmers who had revitalized vines, whether the varietals are known or not. With the assistance of Beaujolais-trained Yann Rohel, Bichi now produces some of the most impressive examples of natural wine coming out of the region.  

When Food & Wine Magazine asked about the quirky labels, Noel responded: "

Bichi means “naked” in a native language of Sonora, where we come from. We wanted a label that was funny and whimsical. We also wanted it to have a naked luchador because luchadores are so immediately associated with Mexican culture." 

Which lil Bichi butt do you wanna take home tonight?

La Gorda Yori Tecate Mexican Chenin Blanc! A 1980s planted single parcel of vines, dry-farmed in granitic soils which had been abandoned before Bichi came along to revive the plot. Made as skin contact wine with an extended maceration on the white-berried grape skins. A little grip with notes of herbs, sandalwood and orchard fruit and refreshing acidity. 

Santa Pink Lady Rosa del Peru (Moscatel Negro) vines fermented in  concrete tinajas with 45 days of maceration. Aged  3 months in ½ stainless steel vats and ½ older barrels. Almost rosé colored in the glass, delicately floral, with red and dark fruits and juicy acidity. A lovely red wine to serve chilled with the one(s) you're trying to get a little lovin' from.
NV Mistico This field blend of grapes from both Tecate and Valle de Guadalupe is incredibly versatile. Dinner wine? Check. Campfire wine? Check check. Sad alone wine? We're here for you, bb.  The wine was vinified the same way as the other red wines, except for 1 tinaja of Tempranillo seeing some carbonic maceration. You'll find notes of  savory herbs like rosemary and oregano and some ripe juicy plum and black cherry. 
Pet Mex Mystery Varietal Alert!!!  The vines are planted close to the Pacific Ocean in the area of San Antonio de las Minas and they don't know what they are! FUNNN!!! But really, this is so good you don't really need to know... With a candied quince jelly nose and a generously fizzy palate that follows suit, this one is great for any time of day... particularly at the first light of day? Yay! 
2019 Listan An ode to the  Misión grape in Tecate, near the California border. Because the grapes are dry-farmed, yields are very low here. This is a fantastic showing of the Mission grape with floral, peppery notes, red fruits, and refreshing acidity.