October Hi Dez Wine Club!

2020 Carmel Valley Chenin, Monterey County CA

Margins produces low-intervention wines using grapes from underrepresented regions, vineyards, and varietals. Much like people living on the 'margins of society,' vineyards can be outcasts too. Massa Vineyard, from where this Chenin hails, has been certified organic since 1996. Notes of white peach, pineapple, and white flowers. Pair with the final blooms of the season.


2020 White Blend, Mendocino, CA

Some say the egg came first, but that's because they didn't see the chicken before the cate ate it! Es Okay is a second label of Rootdown Wine Cellar, and the idea was to keep this one light and fresh. It's a mix of Pinot Blanc, Chenin, Grenache Blanc, Riesling and Piquette blend is a crowd pleaser! We're getting floral notes with a touch of stone fruit, pistachio and citrus. Pairs well with... chicken?


NV Pizza Sauce, Oregon

“At first you think you’re going to ruin everything by not controlling the wine. Then it turns out so much more beautiful than it had ever been before.” Jesse of Fausse Piste. And what a delight this bottle turned out to be! You're getting an exceptional blend of non-vintage Malbec, Syrah, Grenache, and Pinot Noir. This is a great everyday wine that pairs well with pizza (duh) as well as pastas and other rich and savory fare.


2020 Premier Jus, Languedoc-Roussillon, FR

This blend lies somewhere in between a light red and a deep rose. The Carignan sees two days of whole cluster fermentation, then is submerged in fermenting Grenache juice and pressed immediately. The wine is aged 6 months in small barrels and the result is a zesty, juicy, very very drinkable lil number. This is guaranteed to bring a little warmth into the cooler fall months. Pair with last year's sweater that smells somewhere between musty moth balls and campfire smoke.


2020 Orange Piquette, Maryland

Juicy and refreshing, spritzy, lower in alcohol and thirst quenching! What is this magical nectar? It's a Piquette! A naturally sparkling beverage made with pressed Pinot Gris + Albariño grapes, verjus and fresh northern Maryland water. It's perfect for daytime, it's perfect for pool time, it's perfect for most any time, really. Notes of peach and grapefruit. Pair with your next party. 


2020 Super Glou Pink Gold, Baden, Germany

A collab between importer Super Glou and winemaker Leon Gold! This tart, zippy Trollinger pet nat is the gold standard (pun intended) for mouth-wateringly fresh glou glou juice that will sustain you through the end of summer. It bursts with notes of pink grapefruit, underripe strawberries, cherries, and wild rose, and the finish will surprise you with a big hit of minerality and Hubba Bubba dust.


2020 Orange Chardonnay, Bergenland, Austria

This organically farmed Chardonnay is given 24 days on the skins during spontaneous fermentation. The skins are pressed and the wine then spends 10 months in stainless steel. Fantastic citrus peel, lemonade, stone, and peach pit; full-bodied but bright and goes exceptionally well with dinner. We'd go for a roasted root veg salad with plenty of feta or a lemon roasted salmon. Or just a side of fries!


2020 Rose, Languedoc-Roussillon, FR

Direct pressed 100% organic Malbec. The domaine begins at the end of a road lined with Cypress trees and extends in either direction across 15ha of lush vegetation, a secret garden of olives, tomatoes, eggplants, wild herbs, and newly-born kittens. Notes of bright red fruit and apple skin followed by a subtle sage herbiness. Fresh acidity and perfect for your next weekend lunch date.