How to Pair Your Harvest Feast

Everyone needs a bottle of bubbles to start. Everyone.

The bubbs aren't just for your NYE celebration, and we can't think of a better way to loosen up even the stuffiest of family members. Keep the stuffing in the turkey, OKAY! Whether it's a funky lil pet nat or a light, zippy bottle of Cava, it's the perfect way to get things going.

From L to R: Nestarec Bum Bum Cha, Szolo 2019 Boogie Pet Nat, Andre & Lucas Rieffel 2018 Cremant, Meinklang Morgen Vol. 2

Riesling is your pairing MVP

If you're in the market for a white that can pair with essentially everything on the table - from savory gravy to candied sweet potatoes - look no further than to Riesling! Seriously. We like to keep the bottles dry, so you don't need to worry about that old notion that all of 'em are sweet. 

Riesling is light, crisp, and serves as an incredible palate cleanser, even after a rich, decadent afternoon of grazing from cheese plates and dips to bacon wrapped dates and stuffed, puffed pastries. 

L to R: Bergkolster 2019 Riesling Trocken, Wild Arc 2019 Riesling, Lumina 2020 Riesling

Moving onto something a little deeper...

Light-bodied red wines tend to pack enough fruit and acid to complement but not overshadow a range of dishes and flavors. Pinot Noir is a classic Thanksgiving varietal which often shows classic fall flavors such as cranberry, red apple skin and even a nice mushroom funk on the finish. French Gamay is also considered a harvest pairing go-to. 

L to R: Las Jaras 2021 Slipper Sipper Nouveau, Meinklang Nacht #3, Michel Guignier Oh...! Gamay, Florez Pope's Smoke Grenache Noir

And deeper yet... ...

When you're ready to really sit with a glass and dig in to the deep conversations, open a bottle with some oomph. The new Iruai bottlings are deep and meaty and The Austin Winery's Tinto and Calaveritas are beautiful bottles that'll warm your soul. 

Wherever your palate takes you, you're sure to find a crowd pleaser and a conversation on our shelves, and we can't wait to help you pair your perfect feast!