Hi Dez Restaurant Wine Pairing Guide

It's dinner time in the hi dez and you only have a hand full of options. Even fewer if it's a Tuesday or a Wednesday! Whether you’re eating in, eating out or grabbing some BBQ at Pappy's, here’s a little Natty guide to pair with your meal tonight!

Pie for the People
If you’re lucky enough to grab a pie here ya better pair it with something JUICY. Our favorite pairing with pizza has to be Gamay. Their tangy tomato sauce is a perfect match for the juicy + earthiness of a gamay. It leaves us wanting to eat every slice and sip every drop. Another perfect pairing would be a lambrusco. If you’re up for something bubbly, the fruit forward flavs, medium tannins and balanced acidity match perfectly with what Pie for the People have to offer.

Michele Guignier 2020 Oh…! Gamay

Donati 2019 Lambrusco

Sams Indian
We know that with Indian food, the star of the show is the sauce. So when pairing a wine with Indian food, the sauce will be your main focus. A delicate chilled red, Syrah, Sparkling Rose or light Pinot would pair really nicely with creamy dishes. If you’re wanting Saag, or a lighter less creamy dish, an acidic white like a Pinot Grigio or Gewurztraminer are what you’re looking for! If you’re getting a dish with a lot of spiciness, a Riesling would be a good wine to grab. If you’re ordering a bunch of dishes to share with friends, one of those whites would be a great choice. They’re both pretty versatile.

Clar 2019 White Blend (Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer, Xarel-lo)

Milan Nestarec 2018 F&K Red Blend (Blaufrankisch, Cab Sauv, Cab Franc, Pinot Noir)

Royal Siam
Ok, so with Thai food, the sauce is also the star of the show, but it’s all a little less creamy then Indian food. Acidity or Sweetness is your best friend here. If you’re ordering a really spicy dish, an off-dry riesling will cut through the spicey. A Gruner Veltliner is light, zesty and acidic, which is what a dish heavy in coconut milk deserves. I feel like most whites pair well with Thai food, just make sure it’s one that’s refreshing and not super intense in flavor profile. 

Camins 2 Dreams 2019 Gruner

Lumina 2020 Riesling

BYOB at Pappy and Harriets or Grilling at your Airbnb
I just found out that you can bring your own wine to Pappy and Harriets, why didn’t anyone tell me this?! There is a small corkage fee, but it’s totally worth it. I grouped BYOB at Pappys and grilling together, because the pairing suggestions are v v similar and equally delish. When thinking of pairing wine with BBQ or grilling, I want something juicy, fun, acidic and dry. Something carbonic, maybe? Why not! My top choices would be a light to medium body red, maybe a Grenache or Carignan. They are super well rounded and liked by most people. Ok, so I could have just told you that anything can pair well with BBQ or grilling, as long as you and your friends like it, but then you wouldn’t have read all of this :)  

Deux Punx 2019 Grenache

Agricola Macatho 2019 Maria Rose