Vagabond Coffee Costa Rica

Vagabond Coffee Costa Rica

Flavor Notes: Raspberry, Orange Peel

Process: Natural

Roast: Light

Region: Costa Rica

Altitude: 1450m


About Vagabond Roasting Co.

In January of 2020 the business model was a mobile espresso bar traveling through town serving coffee and specialty craft drinks. The initial plan for Jude (81' Vanagon) was to travel the country and explore all that nature has to offer, but Jude then became the home to what is now a little coffee wagon. When the Covid-19 pandemic called for a shelter in place all events were cancelled and there was no longer a coffee business. Which is when I gathered the little knowledge of coffee roasting I had and ran with turning it into a coffee roasting business.  I think about still pursuing that initial plan to travel and roast coffee at the same time, the idea is  pretty out there but it would make quite the story. As of now Vagabond Roasting Company is located in Palm Springs, California inside the Mojave Flea Trading Post. There aren’t many coffee roasters in the desert so we try and promote the art and science of coffee to our locals and educate them about specialty coffee one bag at a time.


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