The O'clocks

The O'clocks


Good morning, great morning. The 8AM, invites you to elevate and levitate with White Atractylodes and Astragalus to support immune function, digestion and metabolism and yin-loving Reishi to radiate cosmic calm and set you up perfectly for your morning meditation. Rhodiola delivers focus, creative spark and stamina while Morinda tackles inflammation and fights invasion. Sweetened with a dose of Luo Han Guo, also known as Monk Fruit, The 8AM is all you need to rise and shine and conquer your day, calmly, sweetly and in grace. 90g/3.17oz


The 4PM, a midday offering, reawakens and restores and wards off the mighty afternoon slump. Goji delivers vitality with a mighty dose of Vitamin C and all eight amino acids. Rhodiola sharpens focus while Astragalus and Codonopsis support immune function, digestion and fight the drifting energies of low blood sugar. Rehmannia supports the adrenals and promotes longevity while Reishi offers yin support so we sail through the afternoon in graceful calm. Sweetened with a dose of Luo Han Guo, Afternoon delight. 90g/3.17oz

The O’CLOCKS: The 10PM

The evening tonic, The 10PM, invites you to your deepest sleep, with Spirit Poria to calm the mind and center the heart. Jujube is known to relieve insomnia, aid digestion and detoxify the blood, while Albizzia Flower brings contentment and further supports your sweetest slumber. Chinese Skullcap quells anxiety and supports the immune system letting sleep be your time to heal. Polygonum Stem and Pearl put the beauty in sleep and Luo Han Guo sweetens the deal. Let night time be the right time. Superior shuteye is yours. 90g/3.17oz

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