Smart Sweets Gummy Bears

Fruity Gummy Bears are the SmartSweets OGs! Fruity, juicy, chewy and everything you want a gummy bear to be! Bursting with 4 delicious flavors: raspberry, apple, lemon and peach!

Sour Blast Buddies are the coolest (and most delicious) buddies on the block! Bursting with sour power, they come in a mix of 5 delicious flavors per bag: berry, blue raspberry, lime, lemon and orange!

Pucker up! Sour Gummy Bears are bursting with sour, fruity, juicy flavors! A mix of 4 delicious flavors per bag: raspberry, apple, lemon and peach!

Sweet Chews are the first #KickSugar plant-based chew in the world!  Bursting with a mix of 3 delicious flavors per bag: refreshing watermelon, ripe strawberry and tangy mango!

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