Rusty's Chips

Rusty’s chips are one of the very few small batch  all natural handmade potato chip manufacturers in the world. 

Original Taste the flavor that started it all! This is a classic potato chip that will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. Our chips are handmade in our Huntington beach kitchen with only the finest ingredients. We select only the best potatoes and center cut fillets to create our chips. (Bags are 3oz)

Pepper Our Black pepper is potent, and coarse enough to satisfy a true pepper lover. Just like the salt we use, Rusty’s Chips does not cheap out. We could easily buy 50lb bags of tasteless pepper for almost nothing, but we don’t. Our customers don’t like tasteless cheap ingredients, and neither do we. (Bags are 3oz)

Sea Salt Surf Salted with the same sun dried (evaporated) sea salt we use on our potato chips. These Tortilla Chips are like nothing else you have tried. They are quite simply “The Best.” (Bags are 4oz)

Chili Lime Surf Do you like hot sauce? We do!!! And we wanted a spicy tortilla chip that was actually spicy. Well we did it. Our Surf City Strips chili lime will pucker your face and burn your lips, just the way we like it here at Rusty’s Chips. (Bags are 4oz)

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