Oregon Bark

Oregon Bark

Tom Bumble

Tom Bumble is a spellbinding swirl of organic peanut butter, pure Madagascar vanilla and candied organic sugar, wrapped up in organic, fair trade chocolate. If texture is your thing, this is the Bumble for you. Think shards of candied peanut butter perfection, crunching and dissolving while you can’t stop eating.  

Lou Whistle

Molasses and pecans come together in a luxe chocolate wrapper and deliver flavors of buttery pecan pie in a soft and satisfying chew, without any dairy at all. Lou Whistle loves coffee and chai, bourbon and rum, zinfandel and cider. In this candy, you’re festive and refined, well-heeled and familiar.

Hazel Jones

Hazelnuts and rosemary have always loved each other.  But in a confection?  Oh yes. They brought the savory over to the sweet side for a sophisticated, unexpected and sultry pairing. Hazel Jones loves red wine and whiskey, coffee and campfires. She’s rich with caramel and Oregon hazelnuts, with a subtle but distinct herbal surprise.

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