Searching for the best sauce to take your burger to the next level? Then just grab our UFO healthy sauce!

Made with a combination of our ultra healthy Bionnaise vegan mayo, Hot Dijon Mustard, Tomato paste and a dash of cayenne, this plant based secret sauce is chock full of superfoods and nutrition.

A delicious condiment, burger spread or dipping sauce, our Organic Vegan UFO has a bold, rich tanginess that is deeply umami and slightly spicy, with a touch of sweetness that will take any burger, sandwich, wrap or cheese plate to the next level. Actually, it tastes great on pretty much anything!

Prepared without eggs, our vegan burger sauce will be an amazing companion to the vegans in their healthy lifestyle. The appetizing color and taste of the sauce can be used for adding a rich flavor to your burger. The hot and spicy touch gives a restaurant-grade taste in your home cooking. It can also be used with pasta, noodles, French fries, and more if you like to spice their taste. The recyclable packaging makes it safe and hygienic to be used in your day to day life!

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