Granarly Granola

The Original Granarly

The world’s FIRST ever whiskey-baked granola. This is where it all began!

Soaked in honey-whiskey then baked to perfection with sun-dried seedless raisins and juicy cranberry bits.

The alcohol content does bake out but the flavor remains. This blend is Gluten Free and Nut Free*

2 oz. bag


Skinny Jeans Oat and Chia

It was the week before a big snowboarding trip when I had a dream in the middle of the night to put whiskey in granola and call it Granarly. At Granarly, we know people are afraid to live outside their comfort zone. We believe every human has an adventurous life within, so we create on-the-go nutritious snacks to fuel people to live their gnarliest life. Life’s an adventure. Don’t be bland. 

Granarly was founded in 2016 in Austin, Texas and their small-pack granola packs are ideal for people just like me. Yes. Like me. You thought I was going to say people who snowboard? Yeah, them too. But a small business owner is also always running around like crazy. So are nurses and teachers and moms and so many others. We live a busy life; that's the American way. These bags of goodness will help move you along. 

Plus, let's be real, they have the flyest llama in America on the front of their bags. 

It’s basically Christmas in a bag. Plus, it’s vegan! Your new favorite type of Skinny Jeans. Chia seeds galore with naturally grown agave to keep you in your Skinny Jeans. This blend is Vegan, Gluten Free, and Nut Free*


Espresso Yo' Self- Espresso and Choco

We like to call this our Crunchy Caffeine.

Notes of rich, bold espresso baked with buttery, smooth dark chocolate chips.

This blend is Gluten Free and Nut Free*


*made in a factory that contains peanuts

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