Fabio Ferracane Guancia Nera Vino Rosso 2019

Fabio Ferracane Guancia Nera Vino Rosso 2019

Fabio Ferracane Description

This wine tells the story of two Sicilian “acidduzzi” (birds) in love, a tale that lies somewhere between reality and fantasy. Guancianera was a white “acidduzzo” (bird) with a small black patch on his cheek. He spent his days together with Guanciabianca, a black “acidduzza” with a white cheek. Theirs being a love of long-forgotten times, we do not know how their story really ended, but we can safely say that behind every great love there is an excellent glass of wine, to tell the story and to keep company. And let everyone’s fantasy flow freely from there on!

In the garnet reflections of “Guancianera Avulisi” some might read the love of every Sicilian man for his woman.

The hints of intense red fruit and marasca cherry recall the woods. With its gracefully persuasive taste and moderate alcohol content, Guancianera is a gentle, harmonious and sincere wine, with a barely perceptible enjoyably sweet aftertaste. Guancianera is the wine of a fantasy, or… a fantastic wine!

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