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California Love by Compartés Chocolates Los Angeles. Gourmet handmade dark chocolate bar made with gourmet dark chocolate and tons of crushed San Francisco sourdough pretzels. This combo is the ultimate meeting of dark chocolate, sea salt, and crunch. We dare you to have just one bite of this delicious chocolate treat! Featuring Los Angeles palm trees with an LA sunset design, a gorgeous pink and green pattern adorns this handmade chocolate bar. Handmade in our Los Angeles chocolate kitchens. 

Our best-selling milk chocolate, Donuts & Coffee chocolate bar features donuts from the best Los Angeles donut shops. We break the donuts up and mix them into the most creamy delicious milk chocolate you will ever taste. Add in coffee grounds from some of LA's best coffee shops and you've got yourself a winner! Donuts & Coffee chocolate bar features a geometric stylish pattern made from donuts and coffee on the custom box of our gourmet and delicious chocolate bar! Handmade in our Los Angeles chocolate kitchens.

Compartés brand new Coconut Milk gourmet milk chocolate bar, with coconut milk infused in Compartés premium luxury milk chocolate.  Made with the finest premium milk chocolate and fresh delicious coconut and coconut milk, this bar is a coconut and chocolate lover's dream come true. Whisk away to paradise with a hummingbird and flower motif all hand drawn and handmade in Los Angeles, this sweet heavenly nectar of delicious coconut and chocolate might be the best thing you've ever tasted!

A Compartés Chocolate Chip Cookies chocolate bar! Milk chocolate with chunks and chips of chocolate chip cookies, this bar is unbelievable! Featuring a galactic design with a Chocolate Chip Cookie moon floating in space filled with cookie asteroids and milky stars, this chocolate bar is so delicious you'll never want to finish it! Handmade in our Los Angeles chocolate kitchens.

Compartés Vegan Organic Chocolate Bar is filled with a rich a boost of peanut butter powder and pea protein for plant-based chocolate perfection. Decadent 75% Cacao makes this luxury chocolate bar a go-to post-workout indulgence.

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