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Brightening Serum

Brightening Serum by Heavy Oil. A serum formulated to help every face reach its quiet harmony, this blend helps the skin naturally regulate itself, optimizing moisture levels and individual brilliance.

With a base of argan and sweet almond oils, this serum is gentle enough for all skin types to use, yet powerful enough that it effectively restores the skin’s natural balance. Argan contains potent and naturally active ingredients: tocopherols, or vitamin E, help protect cells against free radicals, sterols foster microcirculation, and palmitic and stearic acids assist with anti-oxidation. Sweet almond oil’s high concentration of vitamin E and oleic acid, or omega-9, softens and soothes the skin and alleviates inflammation. Pomegranate seed CO2 is a benefactor of sensitive skin types with its anti-inflammatory qualities and potent antioxidants. It contains essential fatty acids omega-5, omega-6, and omega-9, which nourish the epidermis, foster cell turnover, and stimulate the skin’s self-repair mechanisms. Sea buckthorn’s remarkable concentration of fatty acids and vitamins neutralizes the action of free radicals and helps skin fight external aggressions, including pollution and the hassles of modern life. Lavender calms, geranium balances the complexion, and sweet orange brightens dull skin. This serum leaves every face soothed, hydrated, and radiant.

100% Organic ingredients


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