Boulevard Brewing Co. Chill Vibes

Boulevard Brewing Co. Chill Vibes

Are there real cucumbers in the beer?

We use something called cucumber essence. Unlike most “natural and artificial flavors” which use food grade chemicals to replicate natural aromas, essences are the result of using actual cucumbers put through the distillation process.

What base beer is used for Chill Vibes?

The base of this beer is our Berliner Weisse, a sour wheat ale that originated in Germany. This classic style was crafted using our house ale yeast and house kettle sour blend (lactobacillus) to produce lactic acid.

How sour is it?

That’s a bit subjective, but I’d say it’s well balanced.  The target pH is 3.4, making it a little less sour than lemon juice, which has a pH of 3.

Our sensory panel shared words like crackery, clean, smooth, effervescent, mouthwatering cucumber with a sour taste that isn’t over the top.

Flavor Profile
Aroma – Fresh cucumber, lemon/citrus, refreshing lactic acidity
Malt – Minimal, subtle sweetness
Hops – N/A
Balance – Acidity/cucumbers
Body – Light


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