Aneto Chicken Broth

Aneto Chicken Broth

Simple, whole, clean ingredients. That’s it. No flavor enhancers of any kind, no fillers, no “natural flavors.” So where does all the flavor in Aneto’s broths come from? The flavor comes from the real, whole ingredients! And from large quantities of real, fresh chicken!

Aneto’s ingredients are so refreshingly simple and healthy compared with the food manufacturing world as a whole. But the remarkableness of Aneto’s products, the thing that sets them apart, goes far beyond the purity of their list of ingredients: It’s also their method of making broth that is unlike any other broth manufacturer in the world. And as dramatic as that sounds, it’s quite the opposite: At Aneto they’re making broth the way that we – you and I – make it in our own kitchen.

Ingredients: Water, Free-range Chicken (22%), Onion, Carrot, Leek, Cabbage, Celery, Sea Salt

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