Gearhead Crazy Sexy Cool Blend

Gearhead Crazy Sexy Cool Blend

Wine2021 Crazy Sexy Cool Blend


Varietal50% Syrah & Carignan, 40% Skin Contact Albarino & Muscat, 10% Cider

RegionFresno, Lodi, Russian River



NotesThe newest vintage of our collaboration with Craig West from Gearhead wines. A unique blend made possible by the palates of Wine and Eggs & Wine and Rock’s teams. We were sent all components of this blend separately, and through many trial and error mixes - we found one we thought was unique, fun, CRAZY, SEXY, and very COOL. The Carignan and Syrah set a red fruit foundation, that is elevated and accentuated by the aroma and complexity of the skin contact Albarino and muscat, the 10% cider adds to the funk and craziness - and it was Craig’s first cider. In the bottle you’ll find airy effervescence that refreshes the palate, with flavors and aromas of blood orange and strawberry popsicle, cranberries and watermelon, and a brioche-like finish. Best paired with anticipating summer time and sharing with those that need some TLC.  

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