Beam Me Up Space Spray

Beam Me Up Space Spray

As you’re walking through a lavender field enclosed in a cedar forest, you’re drawn to the earthy undertone scent of vetiver grass. You find yourself in the middle of the grove, when you start to feel an atmospheric tingle. As you realize all of the lavender and vetiver has suddenly gently bent backwards, a shimmering column of light surrounds you. You’re floating up while the roots of plants are grasped in your hands, your final tie to the Earth.  

As you enter the spacecraft, you feel more than hear in a language you’re not familiar with but completely understand, “welcome home”. 

. . . . .

Shake before spritz, for external / environmental use only.

Spray comes in 2oz blue glass bottle with sprayer cap. No artificial fragrances or dyes. 

Ingredients: water, witch hazel, essential oils - lavender, cedar wood, vetiver.

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